The Hollywood Issue

Posted on January 7th, 2012 at 9:46 am by


Beyonce is having a baby, someone else famous is filing for a divorce, guess it’s just business as usual in Hollywood.
If you’re not that fortunate you might instead be cleaning the streets, sleeping on them, marrying for papers or some other random destiny. What’s the big difference anyway? Oh, they will be writing about you on a piece of paper thrown on the sidewalk, perhaps. Yeah, that makes sense.

They’ve got it all. Vintage boots, big bright stars, souvenirs and a hundred different burgers. And if you pay a dollar more, you might even get that extra sauce.
It’s just a bigger bang for your buck. Can’t miss it.

Someone is parking their Bentley just up the alley. “Hey, how are you?” and then asks for a cigarette.
Must be a rental.

While I’m at it, might as well light one myself.

God, this place looks so different from up close. All the big bright lights you see from afar turn out to be just blatant neons. Gotta keep that in mind next time, I say to myself.

Gotta keep in mind that beyond all the flashing signs, all the famous places, all the fakeness and garbage, Hollywood is only a place.

Yours truly,

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