Misery Deluxe

Posted on November 5th, 2011 at 9:57 pm by


This image has a whole story behind it.

I worked on this piece for more or less 2 weeks, hitting countless dead ends, pitfalls and creative blocks.

All things considered, it’s a metaphor for love that can sometimes take an unwanted path leading to inevitable backstabbing and things you wish you had never known. Every story looks differently from outside. After the “butterflies” are gone, it’s not always fun and games. Quite the contrary.

I needed 2 people for the final image.
I didn’t know what to fill the rest of the space with and since I had hundreds of cloud shots at hand, it was the obvious choice. The most important symbol was the shape of the heart and it had to stand out. So, I had the blood flowing on their hands and body right along its edges to emphasize it. Four hours were spent just to get the right look. Another four hours went into placing the butterflies on the ground, endlessly obsessing if there were too many or too few of them.

Then, the next couple of days I thought about the title and poem without any productive output. They had to be just right and complement each other. After filling a couple of pages I realized I had nothing but platitudes.

At one point I was really frustrated about it, just before the title hit me on a bus to Cluj.

The oxymoron “misery deluxe” seemed perfect to describe the difference between what love should be and what it can bring your way. It was a good finding since you can see that scenario in everyday life on a regular basis.
The rest came by itself. One more late night with paper and pen and the poem showed up.

And it all started with a quick Paint sketch.


There came a time when love turned on us,
In spite of how faithful we were
There came a time when the same keys weren’t opening,
The same doors,
There came a time when we took a stroll
On the downside of Perfect.

As we still dance the dance of us,
Dreaming through intermissions
While the blades get sharpened;
Promise me,
That whoever wakes up first,
Will make the kill,
Quick and painless.