Hip Hop session

Posted on November 5th, 2011 at 8:55 pm by


I knew the guys from M.O.S.S.A.D. (Ozy, K9 and Nato) since 2008, when I started out doing photography. I had my first “photoshoot” with them, somewhere near Dej. For one reason or another, when they showed up in Cluj for a new one, I was exhausted again(see last post). I was running on low battery, while they had a ton of clothes. I was craving sleep, while they were in the mood for talking.

The hardest part was choosing outfits, ironing them and then doing the make-up. That whole thing lasted approximately 2 hours. Besides that, everything went smooth. They guys had an idea, knew what they were after, poses and all.

You can clearly see that from the pics below.

This is K9.

Then Ozy boy.


And the best shot of that session.

Everyone lining up for a making of pic.

All things considered, it was a cool shoot. Thank you all.

Over and out.