First video – “Doar Azi”

Posted on November 5th, 2011 at 9:41 pm by


Well, it’s been a while..

I’m going to start again with the classic “if someone had told me”.

If someone had told me that during august, in 6 days I will shoot my first video from scratch, after I had never filmed, that I will personally edit it although I had never did it before, that I will learn a software especially for that, in one day; and I’ll finish it just before the launch, I would have never believed him.

But, that’s exactly what happened.

I gotta be thankful to the guys from M.O.S.S.A.D., the same guys that I started my photography “career” with ,for such an opportunity.
We’ve been taking pictures until we got sick of it, whether it was in the studio, or outside. Just a month before, told me they had this cool new song and that it was time, for them and for me, to take things to another level. A video that is. To be honest, it didn’t seem to me like the easiest thing to do, but it was a challenge and since I wanted to film something for a while now, I started chewing on some ideas. We all met, chewed some more and it started taking shape.

That was just a night before.

The next day, we all met at 8 am, had some coffee on the run and we rushed to Toroc, a salty lake near Dej. During the next 9 hours we filmed most of the main shots and gathered the material for editing. We came back the next day for 3 more hours and that was it.

Four days of hardcore Final Cut Pro X, from dawn till dusk, followed. During the last night I met with Ozy and Nato, worked on the final refinements to make sure everything looked just the way they wanted and then we went somewhere to disconnect and forget about ourselves.

And this is what came out.
HD 1080, full-screen is a must!

Making-of shots..

Thanks goes to Nicu Ciocan for the equipment, Paul, Ozy, Nato, K-Nyne, Levy and last but not least Raul.
Over and out!