Dub FX

Posted on November 5th, 2011 at 8:34 pm by


This is not a post about professional photography.

Rather, it’s a post about a guy that’s been to Cluj and made a live statement of his unique style. The cool thing I noticed ever since the show began, when Numa Crew was warming up the place, was that Benjamin Stanford (aka Dub FX) was around looking at the show. He didn’t hide behind the scene in order to build up anticipation according to the cliche. He was right there. Which was again, cool.

There were just a few people at first; but as the main event drew nearer, the Transit House filled up. There was hardly any light inside, luckily I had my flash with me. It got so crowded that I couldn’t move, the light was very dim and I was there for the concert rather than take pictures. Maybe that’s how you explain the battery being half empty when I started. When it died I just stopped and enjoyed the show.

Dub FX was all I thought he’d be, he carried the show from A to Z, flawlessly. If you had seen the videos on youtube you knew exactly what to expect. Benjamin delivered the goods for an hour plus without interruption. It’s nice seeing live, with no hiccups, songs that you discovered just recently.

The people are gathering.
It was actually pitch black..
The guy is in a trance.

This is a popular video of him and very close to what’s happening at a concert.

Nota 10 de la mine.