A MUST READ: “The beginning of Infinity”

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The Beginning of InfinityOne of the best book I have ever read.
Or how people have used ideas/conjectures to explain the reality around them, what makes for a good explanation and how useful ideas tend to replicate themselves(memes) just like living organisms. David Deutsch argues that we are merely vessels of information replicating itself and our theories(explanations) are just an approximation of reality. And as with all approximations they can forever be improved.

Why did evolution pour so many resources into human Creativity? Why is it that such a seemingly useless ability for immediate human survival has been developed over the course of countless millennia? According to this book, it is because we needed to replicate ideas in order to transmit useful information, such as how to build a house, a bridge, etc. Since we cannot just copy our thoughts, a mechanism evolved to instance them in another brain, by observing reality or behavior, through a process of Conjecture, Criticism and Experimentation(CCE). This is similar to how we come up with new theories/ideas/explanations. So what has begun as an idea copying mechanism has evolved into Creativity. Nature has invested in it because it ensured survival. Other species accomplish tasks by numbingly repeating actions without understanding, individuals are mimicking each others behavior to pass information. We have evolved a more efficient process by looking for Meaning(idea/explanation). And that is what separates us from all the other species, making us Universal Explainers.

This book is so full of great ideas, that I wouldn’t do it justice to go over them in such little detail here.
We may never know the truth, but we can always get closer to it.

Find it here: http://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Infinity-Explanations-Transform-World/dp/0143121359